Friday, April 1, 2011

Tips - Decals

For your viewing pleasure, since I'm not going to redo my Starry Skies manicure until Monday, I bring you a collection of tips that I did in beauty school.  Admittedly, this set of tips were when I was feeling lazy, tired, cranky, or uninspired...
But anyway:
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Again, I don't remember most of these polishes, but the first (top left) one I polished red, then when it was still tacky dipped it in gold glitter shreds, the second I applied tiny gems in a spiral, the third I applied little heart confetti as a french tip, the fourth has the same tiny gems as the second, the fifth is MaryKay 24K (which I can't find anymore) with decals, the sixth is another spiral with hexagon confetti, the seventh (bottom left) has the heart confetti, the eighth has flower/star confetti, the ninth was dipped in a fine glitter for a french tip, the tenth and eleventh have the hexagon confetti, the twelfth has the flower/star confetti.

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