Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It pulled me like a magnet, jazz did, because it was a way that I could express myself.

I was picking up work supplies the other day, doing very well buying only what I went in to buy, when I reached the counter and saw the last two bottles of magnetic nail polish.
I purchased them both.

I thought the green worked much better than the silver, but that thumb was the most defined so I took a photo of that, too.
The only design options were the curved lines shown; sideways does work, but I thought it looked nicer straight up or down.  At least it's a one-coat polish!  And the colors are both nice, even if I decide to wear them without the magnetic texture,

CND Base and Top Coat, Magneto by Gelish Lacquer in Polar Attraction (green) and Iron Princess (silver).

Monday, May 21, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I never bothered to topcoat the stamping on my hands from my last post, so they were already starting to chip.  (Also, I work in a nail spa, so it's tough for me to make it last more than a day.)
But then I ran across Kayla's blog and contest, (congrats Kayla!) and I thought it was a perfect excuse to do some real art!  (Even though I work in a nail spa and will ruin them tomorrow.)

CND Sticky Base Coat, Urban Outfitters blue glitter (tips, polish is unnamed), OPI Gone Gonzo, Black Onyx, And This Little Piggy, I Want To Be A-Lone Star, Hawaiian Orchid, The "It" Color, No Room For The Blues, Claire's Flame, Orly Blue Collar.

Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.

Oooh, I know it's been forever!  I have missed my nails!  Since my last post I've moved, changed work locations and doubled my work hours - so it's been busy!
But I was in the drug store, waiting for my daughter to see the doctor, and walked around to get sunscreen, a Mother's Day card, and some odds n ends, when I stumbled upon a nail stamping kit.  It was only $10, so I couldn't resist!

I think they turned out pretty cute!  It took me a few practice tries (on bare nails), and I found the the thicker the polish, the better it stamps.  I found an old Sally Hansen that should have been thrown out ages ago, and it worked great.  Now I have a reason to save my gooey bottles!

CND Base and Top Coat, OPI I Want To Be A-Lone Star (feet), Hawaiian Orchid (hands), Sally Hansen Precious Glow (all stamps).