Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creepy Sock Nails

In beauty school, I don't recall exactly the sequence of events, but for some reason I took off my shoes.  On that particular day, I happened to be wearing mitten socks.  A friend saw them and found them to be creepy, although she had no problem with toe socks.  Apparently I was inspired by them, and she was kind enough to let me paint her nails.

The manicure:

The inspiring sock:
nail me, nail art, anna, mitten socks, flower

This was ages ago, so don't remember what polishes I used.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Starry Skies

Last night when I decided to do nail art and blog about it, I was planning on starting with a spring theme, something with sunshine and palm trees. Then I went to therapy, and (apart from lacking a yellow polish) just wasn't feeling too sunny. I painted my nails black because I was cranky (typically I choose bright colors) and then added silver details to reduce the presence of depression on my hands. That, and my partner was on his way (and made me feel better with a caramel apple and chocolate covered strawberry).

nail me, nail art, anna, black, sky, moon, stars

nail me, nail art, anna, moon, skies, black, night

I know they're hard to see... I'll practice my photography skills. Base is Maalouf Provocative on all nails. Ring finger moon, index, thumb, index, middle, pinkie star are Maalouf Glamorous Life.

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning...

I went to beauty school. I hated it (hello, Drama!), thought it a bit chintzy (teachers younger than me, who had never even worked in a salon?!) but made myself graduate and get licensed anyway (uh, I had to pay the student loan regardless).
Towards the end of beauty school, I took comfort hiding in the nail room, painting nail art on tips glued to orange sticks.
At my first post-beauty school job, we didn't offer nail services, so I read a lot of magazines in my down time. My current salon has a mid-range manicure area, with a healthy selection of polish and a sweet manicurist who is so kind to share with me when she's off. I don't offer services to clients, but one day a week I have a class and then therapy... So after I take a little time to myself and do my nails. After testing a handful of the colors, I decided to get more creative, for the first time on myself. (Nail art on an orange stick is MUCH easier!)
Comments, questions, suggestions welcome. Enjoy!