Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm inclined to think that a military background wouldn't hurt anyone.

My cousin was visiting last week, and when he saw my nail art, he suggested I do military nails.  (He's in the Airforce.)  I spent a lot more time than I anticipated on these, and saved the easy stuff for my right hand.

From index:  Coast Guard, Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy.  I had to simplify the designs a bit, especially the Navy.

On my right hand I tried several variations of camo - I think I like the middle finger version best.  It was done by painting the base tan, then making a "c" all over with each color, lightest to darkest.

I used Orly Rubberized Base Coat and 3-in-1 Top Coat, Dazzle, Pointe Blanche, OPI Black Onyx, Get In The Expresso Lane, Don't Mess With OPI, Dating A Royal, The "It" Color, Finger Paints Scenery Greenery, Sally Hansen Cherry Red, Pure Ice Jaguar, and an unnamed gold glittery polish from Urban Outfitters.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Meep-Meep-Meep and Gone Gonzo

Another sister manicure, with more glittery brights!

Orly Base and Top, OPI Meep-Meep-Meep and Gone Gonzo (accent nail).

Ring In The Red and Divine Swine

No nail art...  Just polish on my sister, again.  But some new colors to see!  Two coats of Ring In The Red all over, except the accent nail, which has just one, and the second coat of Divine Swine.

China Glaze Ring In The Red, OPI Divine Swine, Orly Base and Top Coat.

DS Extravagance and DS Bold

Sister needs a manicure just about every day now, so I have some more polish to show off!  She loves the bright glittery ones.

OPI DS Extravagance (accent nail tip) and DS Bold , Orly Base and Topcoat.

Twinkling Glitter and Icicle - French

Hands again!  This is the better French I mentioned in the last post - I just adore these colors together!  I almost did this again for my date, but I buy so much polish I felt like I had to use some new ones.

China Glaze Icicle, Venique Twinkling Glitter, Orly Topcoat.  I don't base coat my French manicures, even at work...  is that bad?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I took up French boys and wine and I studied psychology.

A glitzy French manicure for a date.  ;)  I like the colors together, but alas, I ruined it at work today - even wore gloves for every service!  Don't mind the dry skin around my nails, it's all that acetone.  And I even moisturized just before the photo was taken...

Next I'll show you a similar French mani with different (better!) colors.  I absolutely adored it!

China Glaze Tinsel Town and Snow Globe.  Orly 3-in-1 Topcoat.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Everyone's looking to the urban scene for inspiration now.

Another acrylic overlay with colors!  She says I'm improving, and she'd tell me if I wasn't.  ;)

Part of an Urban Outfitters gift set, none of the colors are named.  :(  CND Topcoat.

A sea setting us upon the ice has brought us close to danger.

Initially, I planned on this being an icy blue set...  but I think it looks more like a nice beach.  Too bad we got our first real snow this week!

I used OPI Not Like The Movies, Teal The Cows Come Home, China Glaze Blue Year's Eve, and a sparkly blue that doesn't have a name from Urban Outfitters.  CND Base and Top.  A cheap craft store jewel glued on with polish.  I don't like it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Excuse Moi

I did acrylic overlays on my sister (no tips) to strengthen her nails - I'm not very good at them, and I don't offer them at work, but they turned out pretty well.  OPI Excuse Moi is over them.

A slightly better photo than the last one, but I'll still practice!  (And have someone else do it whenever possible in the meantime.)

Life is Made Up of Marble and Mud

I apologize for the bad photo quality...  I'm not improving, and I always have someone around to take a photo for me!  My cousin asked me to try the water marbling on her, so if you can see it, here it is!  It's been several weeks (months?) since this happened, so another apology for being busy.

And I know I fail, but I don't remember what I used...  The pink is from OPI.  :(  Better next time!

Here's what I was doing instead:

It's chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream, and a peanut butter cup detail...  I was going to send it to Fred (I wanted to test how mailing a cupcake would go) but I got busy and distracted.  Next time, Fred.

I also made bread for the very first time.  I got the recipe here, and it was so good.  I gave the big loaf to my daughter's teacher right before Thanksgiving, and we tried the little one.  We made another loaf for Christmas, and will surely make more pretty soon!  Next time, my sister suggests we replace some of the liquids with orange juice...