Monday, March 28, 2011

Starry Skies

Last night when I decided to do nail art and blog about it, I was planning on starting with a spring theme, something with sunshine and palm trees. Then I went to therapy, and (apart from lacking a yellow polish) just wasn't feeling too sunny. I painted my nails black because I was cranky (typically I choose bright colors) and then added silver details to reduce the presence of depression on my hands. That, and my partner was on his way (and made me feel better with a caramel apple and chocolate covered strawberry).

nail me, nail art, anna, black, sky, moon, stars

nail me, nail art, anna, moon, skies, black, night

I know they're hard to see... I'll practice my photography skills. Base is Maalouf Provocative on all nails. Ring finger moon, index, thumb, index, middle, pinkie star are Maalouf Glamorous Life.

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