Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Way Money Goes So Fast These Days, They Should Paint Racing Stripes On It!

Last one in a hurry (for now), since my siblings have all gone home.

nail art, stripe

I bought some new polishes, and wanted to try them.  The color matching in the background is completely coincidental.

What I thought:  Caribbean is thinner than I expected.  Two coats and it was still shearer than I prefer, but the color is nice.  It didn't last any longer than other brands though.  I also bought Coral Bliss, which I liked better.  Pictures eventually, I just had it on my toes.  One complaint - the name of the color is listed nowhere on the bottles.  I know it's a small collection, but I don't want to have to look it up online.
The nail art pens are fun, but it's actually easier for me to draw a smooth line with a brush.  I promise I will try french tips again though.

Base and top, OrlyMegan Miller Caribbean, CO2 Shimmer Purple, Black Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen.

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