Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tea To The English Is Really A Picnic Indoors...

Happy 4th to my American readers!  I'll share my picnic with you:

ants, nail art, picnic, tablecloth, red, white, black

watermelon, nail art, toes, pink, green

And what's more picnic-y than watermelon?!

I have a confession.  I painted my hands at a bar.  While drinking.  (On the patio - I didn't try to kill the patrons by painting indoors.)  And I woke up the next morning and thought "woah.  I was drinking for sure, eh?"  But oddly, I thought my ants turned out really well, even though they were the last thing.  Proof:

In my defense:  I go to this bar every week.  Lover plays in a band there, so I know the staff and the regulars, and while usually I drive myself, on this day I rode with him, and I figured I had a few hours to kill - drinking and painting seemed like a great idea!  It was fun though - by the end I had a line up of staff wanting manicures, nail art, and fills.

Hands:  MK Base, Sally Hansen Black Out, Cherry Red, Pure White Tip, Beauty Secrets Top Coat.
Toes:  Base, OPI Strawberry Margarita, Lincoln Park After Dark, Green, Gray, Top Coat.

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