Monday, March 28, 2011

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning...

I went to beauty school. I hated it (hello, Drama!), thought it a bit chintzy (teachers younger than me, who had never even worked in a salon?!) but made myself graduate and get licensed anyway (uh, I had to pay the student loan regardless).
Towards the end of beauty school, I took comfort hiding in the nail room, painting nail art on tips glued to orange sticks.
At my first post-beauty school job, we didn't offer nail services, so I read a lot of magazines in my down time. My current salon has a mid-range manicure area, with a healthy selection of polish and a sweet manicurist who is so kind to share with me when she's off. I don't offer services to clients, but one day a week I have a class and then therapy... So after I take a little time to myself and do my nails. After testing a handful of the colors, I decided to get more creative, for the first time on myself. (Nail art on an orange stick is MUCH easier!)
Comments, questions, suggestions welcome. Enjoy!

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