Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sneak Peek - My Nail Space

I hate clutter.  (My roommate's opinion does not count for this post.)  Apart from the side table next to my computer, which is perpetually cluttered, I like everything else neat.  I don't leave laundry on the floor, shoes in the doorway, or makeup on the counter.
So my nail polish collection was getting out of hand, and I wasn't sure what to do!

That's what I was doing for the longest time.  The drawers were arranged by color, with red/pink/purple in one, blue/green in another, and black/white/metallic/neutral in the last.  The red drawer has been overflowing for quite some time, but even before, it was always a cluttered mess.  I bought a pretty wire nail polish rack, but when I got it home I realized that some of my taller bottles - like China Glaze and Venique - wouldn't fit, so I ended up returning it.

I finally bought one of those last week, and when I realized it wouldn't be enough space, I bought the second two days later.  Since I'm licensed, I got them from my local professional beauty supply store, but similar ones are available online.  My lover estimates that I can fit ten more bottles before I'll have to buy another - I've purchased eight in the last 24 hours!  Oh well, I can think of worse addictions!


Anonymous said...

beautiful setup

Anonymous said...

your lover doesnt have enough confidence in you