Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life is Made Up of Marble and Mud

I apologize for the bad photo quality...  I'm not improving, and I always have someone around to take a photo for me!  My cousin asked me to try the water marbling on her, so if you can see it, here it is!  It's been several weeks (months?) since this happened, so another apology for being busy.

And I know I fail, but I don't remember what I used...  The pink is from OPI.  :(  Better next time!

Here's what I was doing instead:

It's chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream, and a peanut butter cup detail...  I was going to send it to Fred (I wanted to test how mailing a cupcake would go) but I got busy and distracted.  Next time, Fred.

I also made bread for the very first time.  I got the recipe here, and it was so good.  I gave the big loaf to my daughter's teacher right before Thanksgiving, and we tried the little one.  We made another loaf for Christmas, and will surely make more pretty soon!  Next time, my sister suggests we replace some of the liquids with orange juice...